PEUGEOT has been consolidating its leadership in the crossover market since 2009. With the Quartz concept, the brand reveals its new vision for the segment, associating the expression of a new generation of SUVs with its high performance models. Both the exterior and the interior sport an original sporting aspect, reinforced by a striking design and innovative materials such as basalt stone, fabrics obtained by digital weaving and antique leather.  With the Exalt and Quartz concepts, the Brand presents its vision of high-end vehicles. PEUGEOT is committed to developing unique concepts for its customers through design excellence, the use of innovative materials and unmatched driving sensationsThe strength of PEUGEOT’s style lies in its ability to efficiently develop a sedan, a hatch or a crossover, creating that kind of sleek car that people really would like to owVidal, PEUGEOT Style Directo super sports croe strong, powerful and sporty style of the Quartz concept is totally evident. Its sculptural design associates the exterior of an SUV and the interior space of a sedane road-holding capacity is already evident in the front, which extends 2.06 meters wide and rests on large 305-mm tires. The set of lights is characterized by LEDs that make it more efficient. Lensless headlights are underlined by a light guide that emerges from the side of the body to split the airflow. The lion emblem is in the center of the grating, which provides a differentiated effect according to the viewing angle.

The elegant lines of his side convey the sensation of movement. The tires and 23-inch alloy wheels are housed in generously rounded wheeled cartons. The distance between the center of the wheel and the ends is extremely short, so that the 4.5 meters in length of the body is as far as possible used for the benefit of the occupants. The engine, however, occupies a privileged place under the long bonnet highlighted by the grille blades that optimize the air intake. The electronically retractable sill contributes to the sides inspired by characteristic styles of the textile industry, with creases that adjust the material to the structure while giving volume to the wheeled boxesThe upper part of the passenger compartment suggests a single block in which the different functions were modeled. The metal arches house and attach the polycarbonate windows to the body, highlighted by sculpted shapes that capture the light.As it flows to the rear, the glass ceiling takes the form of two spoilers that further accentuate the aeodynamic style. They are fitted with the separating line that delimits the two Quartz finishes: mineral gray on the front – inspired by rock crystals – and frosted black on the rear fenders with occasional red dots.Quartz performance is evidenced by the accuracy of each component. The spokes of the 23-inch alloy wheels have been reduced to the bare minimum as a function of the strength of the materials and are covered by blades of composite material. In addition to contributing to the styling, these blades also optimize aerodynamic

“In its design, the PEUGEOT Quartz combines the bottom of an SUV with the top of a sedan.The style reflects the function of each part.The Quartz carved body and its innovative materials impact and ensure its efficiency.”Matthias Hossann, PEUGEOT Quartnterior Style Manager presents innovative and efficient materialThanks to a new manufacturing process, it was possible to eliminate column B and install doors in “scissors” for easy access on board. Quartz uses the EMP2 platform with structure in composite material and glued panels. In addition to weight reduction, this solution offers excellent rigidity that eliminates the structural reinforcement represented by column B.  retractable sill contributes to the comfort of the four occupants of the vehicle. Inside, various unusual materials, natural or recycled, contribute to the sensory experience and create an impressive visual and tactile effect”The Quartz has contrasting interior and exterior. The cabin was designed to convey a sense of warmth through its sophistication and refinement. However, the sense of sportsmanship prevails, with i-Cockpit focused on every need. “Sébastien Floutier, PEUGEOT Quartz Designer of Colors& Material

The strength and lightness of basalt, strongly present in the central console, symbolize the Quartz. Basalt forms when the magma cools quickly and comes in contact with the elements. Their properties are identical anywhere in the world, greatly facilitating the supply of the various destination markets. In Quartz, basalt was left in the raw state to contrast with the other materials used.Quartz is the first vehicle to use digitally produced fabrics. This innovative process enables the production of large and complex parts that can be used as soon as they leave the machine. As no clipping is necessary, there is no waste. The material is woven with polyester fiber from the recycling of plastic used in the making of water bottles. With this process it is possible to produce very thick pieces, which makes them softer and allows to reduce the use of foam.The leather is naturally present, in line with the great tradition of the automotive sector. To increase the sense of sportiness, the floor, sides and ceiling are made of black leather, while points of greater contact, such as seats and seat backs, in brown leather, from old furniture or garments . To complete the look, the door frames are machined from a block of composite material and the grooves left by the machine are filled with a reddish hue. The pattern of lines resulting from this process creates a material with kinetic effect, which constantly changes appearance.

i-Cockpit: a cockpit focused on the driver 

On board, each of the four passengers has a shell seat, allowing the optimization of the internal space. The seat’s structure is apparent and incorporates a retractable belt with four attachment points, with seats and backs made of brown leather, providing an excellent level of comfort. All the controls in the Quartz i-Cockpit are within reach of the driver’s hand. The compact multifunction steering wheel is inspired by competition models and provides maximum efficiency. The driver can easily activate the controls, the different driving modes and also change gears. The head-up display consists of a large parameterizable screen, with a 45 ° inclined polycarbonate blade in the center, which shows additional information and creates a depth effect.The dashboard is positioned on both sides of the small steering wheel and the head-up display, oriented towards the driver to ensure easy access to the Toggle Switches. By triggering one of these commands, the driver sees the information traversing the corresponding optical fiber. High Performance PowertrainThe quartz concept aesthetics requires an exceptional engine. With a total power of 500 hp, the powertrain (full-hybrid plug-in) consists of a thermal engine and two electric motors.The hood with suggestive undulations houses the 1.6L THP 270 engine developed by PEUGEOT Sport. Associated with a six-speed automatic gearbox, the four-cylinder engine has a torque of 33.6 kgfm, with a specific horsepower of around 170 bhp per liter, making it one of the best in the world. The front axle is driven by an electric motor of 115 hp and direct drive. It recharges the 400 V battery during the deceleration phases and assists the engine with the combustion in the gears. On the rear axle, another 115 hp electric motor assists with propulsion and battery charging. A specific ESP manages the distribution of braking between all four wheels to ensure vehicle stability and optimize battery charging.

There are three modes of driving: in ZEV mode, the vehicle can travel up to 50 km using only electric power, thanks to the battery plug-in; in Road mode, the combustion engine and front electric motor work together to enhance driving pleasure and maximize battery charging during deceleration phases; the Race mode leverages the power of the three engines to take full advantage of the chassis and suspension systems equipped with limited slip differential. In this way, the torque can be distributed between the wheels, depending on the specific adhesion of each one of them.In order to get the most out of the potential of the system, the Quartz is equipped with specific McPherson suspension in the front and multi-hatch system in the rear, including the embedded electric motor. The pneumatic suspension automatically adjusts the distance of the ground in a range between 300 and 350 mm. This function is controlled by an optical system that literally reads the road, using cameras attached to a navigation system that anticipate any change in the surface of the track.The Quartz concept delivers exceptional driving sensations. Performance, reactivity and instinct ensure unparalleled pleasure at the wheel. Quartz presents PEUGEOT’s new vision for state-of-the-art sports models

 late 1990s, Carroll Shelby surprised everyone with the creation of their first and only car designed from scratch, a high-performance sporty design with the most flashy and a powerful General Motors-powered V8 engine underneath its hood. This week at the Paris Motor Show was the successor to the original model.It is the Shelby Series 2, a vehicle that follows the line of its predecessor, the Series 1, which left the market in 2005. Now, Shelby wanted to be present for the first time in the important automobile event of the French capital and so show the public the outcome of their collaboration with Wingard Motorsports, which bought the remaining components of the original model several years ago.Thus, it was manufactured on the same original aluminum monocoque chassis, although it presents important innovations mechanically, as a new suspension and a system of high-performance brakes, with six-piston calipers on each wheel. In addition, the weight was also taken into account, since the new model is 12% lighter than the previous model.

The Series 2 will be available with a body made of different types of materials, depending on the customer’s choice, such as aluminum, titanium or carbon fiber. The version that uses the first material is quite flashy, as it can be requested with a brushed or polished finish. Regardless of the choice, all bodies have a familiar design that is almost identical to the Series 1. The biggest visual difference is a set of 19-inch wheels that are paved by Michelin Pilot Cup 2 tires.
At the mechanical level, a variety of different engines are available, although by default it comes equipped with a supercharged V8 engine that develops a power output of around 590 hp. However, the car is designed to accommodate propellers with a power output of more than 800 hp. In summary, numbers that are well above the 324 hp that delivered the original Series 1.astly, it should be remembered that its production began last June and the company plans to offer four units each year.

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